Where We’ve Been

Black Men Speak, Inc.  & Men of Color  presented in various locations and multiple venues across the country, including:

  • 2018 POCC 7th Annual Awards Conference Oakland
  • 2018 Carnaval with Mas Makers San Francisco
  • 2018 Telecare Corporation, San Leandro
  • Mental Health and Wellness Walk, Berkeley
  • 2011 Alternatives Conference, Orlando
  • 2011 CASRA Spring Conference San Rafael
  • 2011 CASRA Fall Conference Los Angeles
  • Telecare, San Leandro
  • Holy Names College Oakland
  • 7th Da y Adventist Church Oakland
  • Leadership and Social Justice Conference UC Berkeley
  • Suitcase Clinic Benefit Concert
  • Davey D Radio Show, KPFA Berkeley
  • Villa Fairmont Rehabilitation Center San Leandro
  • Monterey County Embracing Wellness and Recovery



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